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Gina Scarpino Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach
(502) 855-1764
Services: 15 Minute Phone Reading, Email Reading, Energy Work, Groups Readings, Healing Service, Life Coach, Medium Readings, Mediumship Development, Mentoring Sessions, Online Classes, Online Programs, Phone Reading, Psychic Medium Readings, Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Retreat, Zoom Readings
Serves Louisville and nearby areas

11604 Main St, Louisville, KY 40243
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The Intuitive Connection, LLC

Intuitive Practitioner, Medium, Healer & Teacher
Owner, The Intuitive Connection

Suzanne Smith
The Intuitive Connection, LLC
2908 Brownsboro Road Suite 206
Louisville, KY  40206
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Louisville's Medium
The Jessica Tanselle
Divinity Experiencing
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Phone: (516) 410-7500
Services: Psychic Readings
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Rev. Kennedy Turner, The Cat's Meow, Tarot and Talismans, LLC
Sandra's Psychic Reading
Alex Grant, Psychic Medium
Tyra's Tarot
Hollie Lynn Psychic Medium
Tarot Crystal Palm Reading
Tia Coatley-Thomas Transformation Life Coaching/Tarot and Oracle Reader
Psychic Readings By Angela
InnerG Enlightenment
Animals Can Talk
Integrative Shamanism
Talk to Morgaan
The Practical Pisces
Seek to Sea Divination
The Cosmic Gem
The Bodhi Tree at Norton Commons
ASK Life Coaching Ministry LLC.
Soleil Lune Bodyworks
Unicorn Blessings
Sunflower Soul Healing
Mari Beth Psychic Medium
Louisville Spiritualist Center
Annamaria Love